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Author:   Ruth Whittle
Title:      Modern German Grammar
Announcing an innovative, new, practical reference grammar, combining traditional and function-based grammar in a single volume. It is the ideal reference grammar at advanced secondary level and above.  
Reviews: 9781134859146
Author:   Michael Squire
Title:      Morphogrammata
This volume explores one of the most complex, multifaceted and momentous of all western cultural transformations: the refashioning of the Roman principate under Constantine in the early fourth century AD. It does so through the kaleidoscopic lens of one of antiquity's most fascinating (and maligned) artists: Publilius Optatianus Porfyrius. Optatian's works are little known among classicists and historians. Nevertheless, his picture-poems uniquely reflect, figure, and shape the cultural dynamics of the period. By bringing together different disciplinary perspectives the volume demonstrates how the poems give unique form to the various political, intellectual and cultural currents of the age. Contributors champion Optatian as a uniquely creative artist - and one who anticipated some of our most pressing literary critical, art historical and philosophical concerns today.  
Reviews: 9783770561278
Author:   Richard Strauss
Title:      “Der” Rosenkavalier
Reviews: OCLC:935994394
Author:   Olaf Thyen
Title:      Brockhaus - die Enzyklopädie
Reviews: 9783765331268
Author:   Friedrich Köhler
Title:      Dictionary of the English and German Languages
Author:   Karl Felix Alfred Flu gel
Title:      A Universal English-German and German-English Dictionary
Reviews: SRLF:D0000084038
Author:   Johann Gottfried Flügel
Title:      Allgemeines englisch-deutsches und deutsch-englisches Wörterbuch
Reviews: IOWA:31858043853757
Author:   NO AUTHOR
Title:      Sacred Choral Music in Print
Reviews: UOM:39015047978203
Author:   Felix Flügel
Title:      A Universal English-German and German-English Dictionary
Reviews: UCAL:$C184924
Author:   Gary S. Eslinger
Title:      Sacred Choral Music in Print
Arranger index (c1987) provides an additional means of access by the name of the arranger or editor; 1988 supplement contains the sacred choral entries included in the 1986 Music-in-print annual supplement as well as new music published since 1985; 1992 supplment contains listings of music published since 1987 as well as earlier material of publishers not previously in the series; 1996 supplement contains listings of music published since 1991 as well as earlier material not previously in the series.  
Reviews: STANFORD:36105001872279

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