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Google Books Reviewed
Donoghue EmmaGeroerd Tue 14:22  567902
Lasky Kathryn Jahanara, Princess of Princesses (Royal Diaries) Mon 15:47  546935
Leav LangSeptember Love Mon 15:43  688212
Aciman AndreCall Me By Your Name : Ruf mich bei deinem namen Thu 21:43  685512
Pilkey DavDog Man and Cat Kid Mon 22:33  688383
Murakami HarukiUnderground (traduit) Sun 15:16  682789
Insight EditionsCapturing Archetypes, Volume 2: A Gallery of Heroes and Villains from Batman to Vader Mon 23:40  675245
DDragons of Wayward Crescent, The : Gauge Mon 23:39  643470
Cowell CressidaHow to Cheat a Dragon Mon 23:38  627105
Flynn VinceTransfer of Power Wed 11:14  688163
Viggers KarenLa Memoire Des Embruns Sat 20:50  549173
Campion NicholasGreat Year, the: Astrology, Millenarianis and History in the Western Tradition Thu 12:07  663118
Cunningham Michael By Nightfall Tue 18:35  672083
Toriyama AkiraDragon Ball, Vol. 1 Sat 00:48  688410
Gerini G. E. Chulakantamangala: the Tonsure Ceremony as Performed in Siam Sat 00:36  675242
Hill ReginaldDeadheads (Oxford Bookworms) Wed 17:42  657456
Carey JohnUnexpected Professor, the: An Oxford Life in Books Wed 04:23  655320
Carnegie Dale How to Develop Self-Confidence And Influence People By Public Speaking Tue 14:23  682848
Carnegie Dale How to Develop Self-Confidence And Influence People By Public Speaking Tue 14:21  688372
Saint-Exupery Antoine DeLittle Prince, The Wed 13:05  681744
Hashiguchi Takashi Yakitate!! Japan, Volume 13 Wed 12:59  545593
Foley LucyGuest List, the Wed 12:56  686921

Last Google Book Reviewed:

Author:   Hans Broekhuis
Title:      Syntax of Dutch
The Syntax of Dutch will be published in at least seven volumes in the period 2012-2016 and aims at presenting a synthesis of the currently available syntactic knowledge of Dutch. It is primarily concerned with language description and not with linguistic theory, and provides support to all researchers interested in matters relating to the syntax of Dutch, including advanced students of language and linguistics. The volume Adpositions and Adpositional Phrases discusses the internal make-up and the distribution of adpositional phrases. Topics that are covered include complementation and modification of adpositional phrases, as well as their predicative, attributive and adverbial uses. A separate chapter is devoted to the formation and the syntactic behavior of pronominal PPs like erop `on it, which also includes a more general discussion of the syntax of so-called R-words like er `there.  
Reviews: 9789048522255
Author:   Jan Hendrik REISIG
Title:      De suikerraffinadeur; of volledige beschrijving van het suiker, etc
Reviews: BL:A0024330104
Author:   Sacha la Bastide-van Gemert
Title:      All Positive Action Starts with Criticism
This study provides a historical analysis of Freudenthal’s didactic ideas and his didactic career. It is partly biographical, but also contributes to the historiography of mathematics education and addresses closely related questions such as: what is mathematics and where does it start? Which role does mathematics play in society and what influence does it have on the prevailing views concerning its accompanying didactics?. Hans Freudenthal (1905–1990), professor in mathematics, scientist, literator, but above all mathematics-educator, was inextricably linked to the changes which took place in mathematics education and didactics during the second half of the last century. His diversity as a scientist and his inexhaustible efforts to establish the didactics of mathematics as a seriously pursued science, made Freudenthal's influence in this area considerable. He foresaw an essential, practical role for mathematics in everyone’s life, encouraging students to discover and create mathematics themselves, instead of imposing a ready-made mathematical system. The theory of mathematics education thus developed in the Netherlands would gain world fame in the following decades. Today, in the light of the discussions about mathematics education, in which the call for `genuine’ mathematics instead of the so-called 'kindergarten'-mathematics can be heard, Freudenthal's approach seems to be passé. However, the outcome of this study (which is mainly based on documents from Freudenthal’s vast personal archive) shows a more refined picture. The direct identification of 'kindergarten'-mathematics with Freudenthal’s view on mathematics education is not justified. 'Realistic mathematics' as advocated by Freudenthal includes more than just a practical introductory and should, among other things, always aim at teaching 'genuine' mathematics in the end.  
Reviews: 9789401793346
Author:   J. P. van Berkum
Title:      Zonde en geloof, of ontmoctingen en verhalen uit mijne evangeliebediening
Reviews: BSB:BSB10038300
Author:   Barthold Hendrik LULOFS
Title:      Nederlandsche Redekunst, of grondbeginselen van stijl en welsprekendheid voor Nederlanders
Reviews: BSB:BSB10582446
Author:   Johannes ENS (D.D.)
Title:      Edited by R. Ens
Reviews: BL:A0017424301
Author:   Christianus Eliza Robidee van der AA
Title:      Hulde aan Harmen Jans Groen, visscher te Vierhuis
Reviews: BL:A0024421152
Author:   NO AUTHOR
Title:      Teysmannia
Reviews: UCAL:B2928069
Author:   NO AUTHOR
Title:      Maatschappij-Belangen
Reviews: UCAL:B2873233
Author:   NO AUTHOR
Title:      A Compleat Dictionary, English and Dutch, to which is Added a Grammar, for Both Languages
Reviews: OSU:32435028902831

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